Namaste! Thanks for visiting. I am a photographer-artist based in Mumbai and Metuchen, New Jersey. After working as a commercial photographer for over 30 years for Indian and international clients, I moved on to exhibit my art. I shoot landscapes, nature, wildlife, insects, festivals, cityscapes, historical monuments, cloudscapes and abstracts and create my work in customised sizes and media.


I believe that the rules of composition, use of light, color and texture evolved by artists over centuries are universal and valid for photography too. I shoot in a directional, soft light that adds a soothing feel and character to my photographs. I have learnt -  “Elements that make a great shot - desired light, subject and composition rarely converge. When that magic happens, it must be captured using the right technique, at the precise moment, or it would be gone forever.”


"I process my Raw files in my computer, to make sure they have the feel of the moment that I experienced and photographed it, and use the finest media and process to make the final print that is long lasting and gives the viewer a satisfying visual experience."


My first three Solo shows were at Mumbai's Jehangir Art Gallery in 2013, 2016 and 2018. I have also exhibited at Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata in India and Chappaqua and Art Expo 2017 in New York. My artworks have been appreciated and collected by art lovers from India, USA, UK, Germany, Nederland, Luxembourg and Australia. A substantial part of my work is shot in India and some in the USA.


Born in 1966 in Mumbai, I grew up in Kanpur and Mumbai. I started photography in my school days in Mumbai and experienced the transition from the black and white film era to digital.I graduated with a Commerce degree from Mumbai University, and briefly attended Govt. Law College. My passion for photography soon took charge, and decided to take it up as my profession. I worked in Dhahran for nine months, on photography for Saudi Aramco, and returned to Mumbai in 1990 with my first Hasselblad camera. I set up as a commercial photographer and over time, did assignments for reputed national and international clients. The shoot for John Deere's international calendar was special as it was shot outdoors in an agricultural farm, which I enjoyed over studio shoots.


I print my work at the best labs in USA and India. My art business has been designated as a "Trusted Art Seller" with The Art Storefronts Organization, which means you can shop with confidence, and know that I stand behind the quality and value of my products.

Serene Art Photos By Sanjay Marathe

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Serene Art Photos

                            By Sanjay Marathe


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