Artist Statement

In my work, I aim to create a feeling of calm and peace. As a photographer, I try to wait for the right light to capture the moment with minimal digital alteration. The real magic happens when the direction and quality of light come together to make a strong visual impression.
Creative composition is the key that can make a subject stand out from the clutter. I think about many different ways to compose the subject before I click the shutter. The final step is preparing the digital file for printing. I oversee test prints, colors and tones on the final print to match what I saw and experienced while making the photograph.

Sanjay Marathe Bio



Sanjay Marathe, born in 1966 in Mumbai, grew up in Kanpur and Mumbai in India. He is a self-taught photographic artist. His journey with photography began in the age of film cameras at the young age of thirteen, evolving from a hobby into a lifelong passion. After getting a degree in commerce he joined the Govt. law college in Mumbai. He soon realised that his heart belonged to photography, and decided to give up law to pursue his passion.


Following an extensive thirty-year career in commercial photography, and assignments for leading national and international clients, Sanjay decided to focus on fine art photography. He developed a unique style that seamlessly blends photographic technique and his creative vision.

His favorite subjects include landscapes, cityscapes, historical locations, architecture, nature, people, and abstracts. He debuted with a solo exhibition at the prestigious Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai in 2013.


Sanjay is known for his patience in waiting for the perfect light to bathe his subjects, yet he also relishes the challenge of shooting in unfavorable weather conditions. He firmly believes that "light, subject, and composition need to be captured at the precise moment, else the magic disappears."


Utilizing a wide array of print media and contemporary techniques, Sanjay creates photography prints that have found buyers in India and worldwide. Currently, Sanjay divides his time between Mumbai and New York City, showcasing his work extensively in both India and the USA.

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